Indian Food

Indian food is widely accepted and appreciated for its fabulous taste and use of spices and herbs.Indian cuisine is famous for its large assortment of dishes. Its taste varies from region to region and especially into two categories north Indian and south Indian.

At Redsquare you will get diverse multi cuisine available with an awesome taste. The main of Redsquare is to avail you the wide variety of Indian taste at one place. In modern times, Indian food has undergone a lot of change. We at Redsquare will give some especial recipes as well along with some western tadka.

We have following category of Indian food:-

  • Paneer category
  • Indian Vegetable category
  • Assorted Bread
  • Indian Veg
  • Mughlai Non-veg
  • Indian Starters
  • Delicious Raita
  • Tasty Desserts
  • Non-veg main course
  • Mughlai non-veg starters
  • Bengali Delicious Fish

Indian Dishes at Redsquare are also influenced by western cuisines. Some of our dishes. We have done indianisation to many international cuisines. Redsquare’s specialty lies in the perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors. At redsquare our only motive is to serve you the best taste along with a good quality. We are looking forward to see you at our Restaurant. Redsquare Welcome you!!